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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shah United's KL trip.

Greetings Everyone!

Here's more from our KL trip.

Our journey started on January 15th 2009(Thursday), From Brunei to KL via Labuan. 10 players departed alongside Coach Sufri and Assistant manager, Yassin. They arrived at LLCT, KL around 1 am. It was a two hour journey to the apartment at Selangor.

On the next day(Friday), 3 more players arrived, and this time, accompanied by Shah United's Club Owner/Manager Hj Syed Yaqub and Club's social and disipline, Hj Abu Bakar. Later that day, Shah United played a friendly match against KODE FC at Futsal Score Arena, Kuchai Lama, Selangor. It was a very challenging match for both teams or should I say, "A Nail-Biting" match as both teams done their best to win. But in the end, Shah United emerged as match winner, winning by 9 goals to 2.

On Saturday, Shah United did an early roam around KL but decided to rest moments later to be ready for the tournament and by 3 o' clock, we are already on our way to Score Arena.

6 teams competed for the tournament with Shah United as the sole Bruneian team, and the other 5 teams were Cheras Jaya FC, Lyon 'A' and 'B', Lion FC and Star 7(Air Force). Shah United did very well on the all the matches, unbeaten with only one draw despite the great challenge from the opposing teams. It was very challenging for us as their style of playing are very unpredictable and confusing. But we managed to beat all odds to win the tournament and by that also collect our first 2009 silverware. This has been our best achievement outside Brunei.

On Sunday, Shah United spent the day celebrating the victory by shopping around KL.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Both of them really help in making the journey smooth and memorable!
Especially NLK! (Nasi Lemak Kapar Bistro!) Hehehe

Last but not least, On behalf of Shah United, I would like to thank all who are involved with the tournament, especially Cheras Jaya FC(all involved) for inviting us, The Brunei Press- Media Permata and The Brunei Times. Not forgetting our tour guide, K and Wandi and the ones who congratulated and supported us. THANK YOU.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well done and Good Job!!

Congratulations to all the Shah United staff and players for winning the 1st trophy of the season!
You've won it in Kuala Lumpur!!

I'm very happy watching the players gave their full commitment during all the match, wether last Friday friendly match, or the Saturday Tournament itself.

The ability of the players to focus and the desire to win has gave them the fruitful result.

The tournament was on a league basis, where Shah United being the top of the league beating 4 teams and draw once.

I really hope the experience gained in KL will help to improve the confidence within the players to play far more better in the near future tournament!

We need to guard against complacency. Winning the trophy in KL doesn't mean that we are the best team in the world!
So keep humble yourself! Stay focus and keep aiming to improve for yourself and for the club.

"Be grateful with what you had, but never satisfied with it!"

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hai All..

Tonight there will be a friendly match at harun gym.. So Players Show what you have been train for. Hope Victory will be with u Guys. This friendly is for the preparation before you all go to Kuala Lumpur for the Tournament.