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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Shah United will play a friendly match in Kuala Lumpur this upcoming January 2009.

This will be the 1st away game for 2009 and will be the 1st away game played outside the Borneo Island (previously played in Labuan and Limbang). 
Few country that away games could be played in 2009 are the likes of the team in Vietnam and Thailand. But that will be depending on the club progress.
(Players, baik tah main banar2 and tingkat prestasi club supaya tani dapat belayar lagi jauh2.. Mana tau 1 day tani main di Jepun, pasal aku banyak kawan sana.. Eheheheh)

About 10 players were selected to join the KL trip with all their traveling expenses will be paid by the club. Meanwhile, some players who were not selected and willing to join were only paid half of their air fare tickets and the rest of the expenses were paid by the club. This is to give them a chance to see on how Shah United take on the KL team and of course to give them a hope and more desire to be selected on the next away friendly. (and of course to support! Ehehe.. Untung jua udah tu kana bayarkan semua, except tiket terabang saja separuh. So next time, tunjukkan prestasi yang lebih cemerlang dalam latihan and friendly supaya automatically selected and you will not need to pay even a penny of your money!! Eheheh.. Jangan marah~~ Kata2 semangat saja 2! Muekekke)

To those who are selected, we really hope that all of you could play well and win the game that we gonna play. When all of you could do that, you will make The Country proud of you. This will be a first HUGE STEP to SUCCESS! Make the Bruneian, particularly the Club, proud of all of you!

Let's prepared as you have less than a month from now!

Wish all of you all the best!

Shah United Spoke Person. (Ehehe Jawatan Baru kah ni??)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Congratulation to pegastar from brunei that have Won the tournament at Limbang Sarawak. After a Thrilling Final. Came Second is Live's USA Blue from Limbang Sarawak.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Good Luck To All The Teams That are Presenting Brunei Darussalam At Limbang, Sarawak. May Victory will be with you Guys. Hope any of the four Teams From Brunei will win The tournament Today 21hb December 2008.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Joy Sport Limbang have invited four Teams from Brunei to Join their Tournament.No entrance fee is needed. Prize will be sponsered By them itself. This tournament will be held at Stadium indoor Limbang.

The tournament on 21hb December 2008 at Limbang sarawak will be the memorial day of the Four teams from Brunei Darussalam that Have comform joining the Tournament. They are SHAH UNITED FUTSAL, OURTEAM, PEGASTAR AND EAGLE FT.

Three teams from Limbang Sarawak are LIMBANG JUNIOR, LIVE'S USA BLUE AND LIVE'S USA RED

One team from LAWAS which is SIANG2 FC.

These eight Teams will be Divided into two Group.
Group A
Limbang Junior
Live's Usa Blue
Shah United

Group B
Siang2 Fc
Live'sUsa Red
Eagle Ft

Kickoff for the first Match will start at 0900Am.
So for all Bruneians who want to watch the matches all are welcome. Support your own team because we know the malaysian will support they teams.

Lastly, Thanks to Joy Sport Limbang That have Invited four Brunei Futsal Teams to join the Tournament.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


One of Shah united players have been selected to join the Asean University Game . Syed Abdul Muiz will represent University Brunei Darussalam as one of the UBD futsal team, as a goalkeeper. We congratulate him for the selection as it will not be easy to get selected. We know those who represent UBD are the best among the best. We sincerely hope he can give his all for every game.

Winning for University Brunei Darussalam will also mean winning for Negara Brunei Darussalam. So let's all of us pray for him and the whole UBD team as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Shah United Players Dont Forget We Have a Friendly Match At Harun Gym.

Date: 03/12/2008
Time: 08.45pm

All players have to come.